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Friday Social is not going on today but I am will be rolling out a Welcome! to my new Twitter followers and I suggest you do to. I'll explain more in What are You Doing Using Twitter: Redux when that comes out next week.

If you have written about Twitter and would like to be added to my Welcome! post let me know. I'm looking to have around 10 blog posts about Twitter and I'll add a link to your Twitter profile.

Right now I'm updating Blog Marketing Tools which seems to have resurfaced in the search engines and barely made it to my top 10 posts. I'm adding which of these sites are dofollow. It can be really helpful in deciding which sites you should pursue to get maximum payoff for your marketing efforts.

Speaking of Blog Marketing Tools...

This week on Twitter it was brought to my attention to be on the lookout for people scraping or ripping your blog content. You can read the post by @the_gman here:

Combating Online Plagiarism -

I used Copyscape out of curiosity and sure enough there was a money type blog that blatantly ripped Blog Marketing Tools word for word, even the little notes, not providing credit or a backlink to my site and they also ripped Blog Traffic: How to Get It! Again no mention or back tracks, or backlinks as to where the content came from or who wrote it.

What I have done is taken comparison screen shots of their blog and my blog. Since the blog does not have a way for me to contact them I have no other choice but to go straight to Google in the matter. :)

So I suggest you read the plagiarism article and investigate to see if other bloggers are biting your material and calling it their own.

Also make sure you have a way for people to contact you for obvious reasons. Even if it is just a little mailto: script do it. Not that you are stealing content but you never know when someone needs to make contact in regards to your blog.

Any how...Have a great weekend, Friday Social will be out again next week. If you are on Twitter and want to be the Twitter'er the week, be the first one to Tweet me and you will be it!

If you have social media posts that you have written those can possibly be added as well.

Have a great blogging day!


  1. Jordan,

    Are you looking for existing posts about Twitter to link to?

  2. Sure new or used works great. ;)

    Twitter tips or apps that people have created are good too.

  3. Nice Post , found useful stuffs in your blog ! Great going !!

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  5. Here is the post with the Twitter links and I am still accepting more posts:

    Random Twitter Blog Posts for You

    @rockstartemplates & @maggietran Thank you so much I hope that the info helps you out in your blogging. :)

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